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Carl Foley

Carl Foley “Red Canyon”

Miriam’s Kitchen Studio Artists are homeless individuals trying to find jobs and homes in Washington DC.  During this process they participate in art activities that nurture their creative sides.  Some of their works are on exhibit at Touchstone Gallery during the month of November 2015: “Handpicked: Works from Miriam’s Kitchen Studio Artists.”

Not only do the artists of Miriam’s Studio express their vision through paints and clay, but they also have a lot to say in verse.

“It was written that humanity is in the image of God.
I say art is the proof that God lives in Man.
Through the images we create,
we equate reality.” Anthony Mills

“My art is called me
inside and out;
I love art;
it is peace of mind,
and a peace from me.
Life itself is like art,
people paint a picture every day. “ Travis McGee

“The flowers represent the nature,
the leaves,
and the change of temperature,
and trees are the lungs of the world.” Miguel Quezada

The paintings in this exhibit are equally thought provoking.  Satire makes its appearance in Donnie Mayer’s painting “Hoofball National League: Where the Pigs play the Hogs with Donald Trump’s Head as the Ball” and “A Passion for War: A Satire About our Love to Destroy the World.” Wil Lake’s painting, “Don’t Bomb Iran” echoes this theme. Vibrant colors characterize most of the work.   Rural and urban landscapes roil with energetic brush strokes.  Floral motifs crowd the edge of the canvas.  Human figures interact with each other and presidential dog Bo steps toward the viewer.  Brushwork may be textural and active, or carefully applied and nuanced, depending on the artist’s frame of mind.

Dannie Mayer

Dannie Mayer “Hoofball”

Works can be seen from November 6-29, 2015 at Touchstone Gallery, 901 New York Ave NW, Washington courtesy of  The Touchstone Foundation for the Arts. Located at Touchstone Gallery, this is the latest exhibition in the Foundation’s “Handpicked” series, which brings non-traditional artists to show their work at the Touchstone Gallery in downtown DC for one month. wwwtouchstonegallery.com

Anthony Mills Bird

Anthony Mills  “Spiritus Peacock”

Miriam’s Studio.  Their award-winning art therapy program promotes feelings of dignity through art expression, provides marginalized individuals with a sense of belonging, and is an effective vehicle for guiding people towards positive change.Miriam’s Studio offers a safer space, materials and guidance for participants who draw, sculpt, collage, paint, and make jewelry.  Some projects are completed in a single session, while others take several sessions. During the creative process, the art therapist, art therapy intern, or skilled volunteer observes and engages participants as they speak openly and gain support from each other in a safe and trusting environment.

“The paintbrush has a little more power in it than I do,” observes one participant.  Senior Art Therapist Brittney Washington adds, “While the paintbrush is powerful, so too is their voice.  The paintbrush is an instrument and art is the vehicle by which we hope to empower people to self-heal, be seen, meet their goals, achieve and maintain wellness, and use their voice.”

Opening Reception: Friday, November 6, 2015, 6-8:30 pm at Touchstone Gallery, 901 New York Ave NW, Washington.

Howard Snyder

Howard Snyder “The First Dog”

Miriam’s Studio groups are offered Monday through Friday, 8:15-9:45 AM and 2:30-4:00 PM. Included each week during Studio hours: Open Art Studio, Art Therapy Groups, Creative Writing activities and groups, and Yoga classes.  Additional activities include theater, art exhibits and other field trips.

Owen Makel

Owen Makel “Silence”