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Possibilities by Tré

Possibilities © Tré Inc. 2013

Tré may not have been born with a silver spoon, but she did come into the world clutching a golden paint brush. Certainly, her creative eye was astute from the get go. At age two, after pondering the elaborate wall paper in her parent’s bedroom with a critical eye, Tré decided to make it better. She found her father’s pen and drew balloons with long wavy strings directly on the wallpaper. Rather than scolding her, Tré ‘s mother recognized her daughter’s precocious bent and spirited her to the art store where she picked out her own art supplies. 

The Explorer by Tré

The Explorer © Tré Inc. 2013

Tré always knew she would be an artist and her parents (a Virginia native author and a former Brooklyn graffiti artist) encouraged her. She illustrated some of her mother’s fantasy stories and became computer adept at age seven. At age 14 she began selling her illustrations, took part in art festivals, and accepted commissions. At 18, Tré founded her art photography and direction company, Tré Inc. which specializes in portraiture and music album cover art. In 2010 she began building Trémotion Pictures, her film and music video production company. She films creative shorts, webisodes, and teams up with musicians to create videos in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, London, Paris, or Tokyo.

The Lover by Tré.

The Lover © Tré Inc. 2013

For her still photography, Tré uses Nikon DSLR cameras and a panoply of lenses. Her recent personal branding campaign features constructed staged sets around her costumed self in the manner of Cindy Sherman. However, the results are unique to Tré who further develops her photo compositions in the computer: enhancing and exaggerating forms and colors while questioning and challenging perceptions of certitude. Her main body of artistic work is diverse in subject matter, yet stylishly identifiable. “My creations manifest into dreamlike glimpses, in which fiction and facts meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, the past and future fuse, and wonderment is currency,” she states.

The Scholar by Tré

The Scholar © Tré Inc. 2013

Just this year, Tré was endorsed by The Museum For Massurrealist Art (Berlin, Germany), a collection of artists who pair up aesthetic styles of surrealism with mass media, mixing up traditional imagery with pop art philosophy and other post modern ideas. Massurreal expressions include multilayered imagery, scavenged images from dreams, unusual and intense coloration, and mind altering juxtaposition of common pictorial elements. The Museum for Massurealist Art; Tré’s Website

Tré’s most recent works emphasizing the psychology of color in human and garden forms, “Lucid Dreams: The Archetypes of Humanity,” are on exhibit at Touchstone Gallery, 901 New York Ave NW, Washington DC, 20001.  202-347-2787;  November 1-24.  Rosemary Luckett

The Healer by Tré

The Healer © Tré Inc. 2013