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Harvey copy

Harvey Kupferberg

When Harvey started his photographic endeavors more than thirty years ago, he specialized in black and white images. His chemistry background served him well as he explored and experimented with exposure and development techniques in the darkroom. After the advent of digital photography, his challenges were just as complex and involved a variety of different technologies, the digital camera, the computer and its software, and the printer. Being an inquisitive person, Harvey was up for the challenge.

Gold Beach 190 copy

Gold Beach, Oregon

The digital camera opened the world of visual color to longtime medical lab scientist and photographer extraordinaire. Working his photographs through the computer taught Harvey the complexity of colors, and allowed him to explore texture of the print on his very own printer. He still uses film camera from time to time depending on his mood or the subject he is focusing in on.

Bandon Beach 569 copy

Brandon Beach, Oregon

The common thread between old/new technology, the black white/color is the composition of the image. His background in scientific analysis serves him well as he composes. He is able to minimize all but the essential components of a composition, often distilling his works into lines and curves regardless of whether photographing architecture or nature, black/white or color. In any case his imagery is characterized by an extraordinary, structure, clarity and luminosity, so that the viewer keeps coming back to discover an uncommon beauty in each one.

“Along the Oregon Coast: From Gold Beach to Coos Bay” images on exhibit at Touchstone Gallery June 5-30, 2013 were generally taken in the fall season so as to capture the grandeur of the coast. In fall the sun is lower in the sky and fast moving storms and rain produce dramatic scenes. Tidal rhythms also affect the drama and reflect the changing light. Many beaches were difficult to reach from the high cliffs, but Harvey brought his physical stamina to bear and succeeded in capturing his vision. You’ll want to return again and again to absorb the fresh light and to breath in the crystal clear air within these western panoramas.

Shore Acres 1088 copy

Shore Acres, Oregon Coast