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Leslie Johnston Journeys

Growing up in the Mile High City with the mountains at her back Leslie Johnston developed an affinity for high places and the beauty of the mountains. As a kid she spent a lot of time out of doors observing wildlife and the colors in a world that would call her again and again to seek out natural wonders in high places.

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Thinking on one level at work and another in her art, Leslie’s life is about balancing her analytical skills with intuition and creativity. Inspired by the native fauna and flora, sacred spaces and places in the high mountains of Nepal, she recently traveled into the Upper Manthang region. Trekking with three Sherpa guides within the sight of the world’s two highest mountains, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, is both physically demanding and stimulating for her art mind. The abstract acrylic paintings in her Touchstone solo exhibit “Journey to Lo Manthang” are imbued with memories of arid valleys, eroded canyons, rows of prayer wheels, chortens, mani prayer walls and monasteries.

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Here in Nepal’s Forbidden Kingdom, the basic elements that surrounded her in childhood–blue sky, dry air, fire, yellow earth, and the rareness of water seemed magnified, seem imbued with the sacred as prayer flags flutter sending positive energy and blessings throughout the land and uniting with her innate receptivity to the visible and the invisible essences of Place.

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NO. 9