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Unfiltered By Leslie Nolan

Unfiltered By Leslie Nolan

Within each brush-stroke, a poetic tinge of mystery, a sophisticated flick of intrigue, a provocative expedition of color and form playing along the canvas: welcome to the painted world of Leslie M. Nolan.

See and Be Seen by Leslie Nolan

See and Be Seen by Leslie Nolan

Expressing modern life through contemporary patterns, vibrant colors, and willful lines, her figurative style lends a unique voice to her subjects. She takes us on an emotional journey through her spirited themes, visually energizing and enticing the viewer to explore the deeper meaning of her compositions.

Inside Leslie Nolan's Studio

Inside Leslie Nolan’s Studio

Leslie M. Nolan is an award-winning figurative and landscape artist. She paints in oil, acrylic and watercolor. Her work has been in the collection of the American Embassy in Luanda, Angola and exhibited in London, U.K. She is a Virginia-based artist, exhibiting primarily in the Washington, D.C. area. Her works also appear in international and national juried shows throughout the U.S.

The Artist’s thoughts on her work and process: “I’m fascinated by people, but not interested in making a realistic likeness. Instead, I try to catch a glimpse of the inner person. In that sense, my work is all about feelings and emotions. This often requires skewing facial features, exaggerating the pose, and using color combinations that command attention.

While I’ve always painted, I had a “square” job, too. I worked at CIA, carried a gun and badge as a Special Agent with the Labor Department and US Information Agency, and served abroad as Regional Security Officer with State Department in high threat posts. I find that living and traveling in dangerous countries and investigating national security matters has had an indelible imprint on the artwork. Basically, I am in every painting.

My goal when painting is to create something new – never seen before. I want viewers to feel something, whether loathing or love. The worst thing that could possibly be said about artwork is that it is boring. I hope mine is neither.”

After seeing her latest body of work, you will no doubt agree, she is very skilled at reaching her goals. It is Touchstone Gallery‘s honor to house her solo exhibition “UNFILTERED” throughout the month of February. The opening is this Friday, so dust off your fun shoes and stop by, try not to miss the opportunity to meet this fascinating Artist.

Dis Six by Leslie Nolan

Dis Six by Leslie Nolan

February 1-24, 2013

Opening Reception, Wine and Live music: Friday, February 1, 6-8:30PM
Music by Tom Rohde, Classical, Brazilian and Spanish Guitar

Third Thursday Event: February 21, 6-8:30